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AS355 Twin Engine Squirrel

The Twin Squirrel cruises at 120 knots and has a seating capacity of 5 passengers. With the added safety of twin turbine engines, allowing us to cater to VIP Guests, groups and specific requests from clients for this type of Aircraft.


Cruise Speed:                                   120 knots

Endurance & Range:                      3.3 hours endurance, 310 nautical mile range

Passengers:                                      Normal configuration – 5 passengers

Engine:                                              Twin Engine

Extra’s:                                              Night VFR Equipped (Night medivacs only if it’s a mercy flight & weather is good), Twin Engine, Oxygen Capable.


The Robinson R-44 has 3 passenger seats, cruises at 100 knots and is equipped with pop-out floatation for overwater operation. The helicopter is subject to aircraft weight and loading limitations – typically we transport 2 passenger plus full airline baggage allocation or 3 passengers and carry-on luggage. A cargo pod is also  available for additional luggage when required. The R-44 offers a truly unique experience with a 100% guarantee of a window seat for each passenger. The R-44 is also available to transfer medical staff & equipment or seated patients at a more affordable rate.


Cruise Speed:                                   100 knots

Endurance & Range:                      3.0 hours endurance, 260 nautical mile range

Passengers:                                      3 passengers

Engine:                                              Single Engine


London Avenue, Namaka, Fiji Islands
Helipad: Denarau Rd

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